my magical mystery tour begins

NYC as you know, is HOT. it has been especially hot this summer, which makes muggins and me cranky from the  combination of AC that leaves a lingering electrical smell alternating with open windows that deliver gusts of hot, heavy air that make me want to start drawling in a southern accent (as in, “muggins, darling, do mix me up a glass of that refreshing crystal light pink lemonade. MMM, that powder tastes good!“).

this is why muggins and i would like to get away for the month of august to a (cheap) house rental that has a pool somewhere nearby. so tomorrow, off we’re going to the poconos (or as i like to call it, “poke your nose”) because, let’s face it, even if we’re in the middle of a depression (oh, sorry, recession), the hamptons are crazy overpriced and we have no interest in being there (except for the beach) cause it’s basically manhattan with sand. and we already live in manhattan. plus, i’m no longer 24 and i don’t expose my midriff. ever.  it’s a state law. ask wiggles. she’s seen my midriff and she knows.


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