poconos paradise?

it looks like maybe, just maybe, muggins and i have found a place in the poke-your-nose that will work for the rest of the summer and part of the fall. it’s a spec home, so not only is it furnished, but it’s going to be like living in a furniture showroom. this, of course, is giving me all sorts of agita.  muggins and i do not live like people who hang out in a showroom. our furniture is, er, lived-in. we don’t sweat it when a stray potato chip or tomato sauce drip makes its way onto our leather couch or Pier One rug. we just let it lay there till someone gets a paper towel, or better yet, till our pooch Rumplemuff (aka, boo-boo mcgee) comes along and licks it off. (i think boo-boo knows that i am writing about her because she is sitting next to me barking intensely even tho she has recently pooped – and outside, which is a major score for us). but anyway, even with boo-boo’s superior cleaning skills, i fear that i will need to spend all of august zooming around the house with windex and a sponge. and that’s not gonna leave me a lot of time to spend at the pool reading badly-written books and working on my skin cancer, courtesy of bain de soleil number 4!


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