exit the poconos, enter a new loveseat!

so after several trips to the poconos (all of which were done in one-day, mind-blinding episodes) and many rounds of negotiations, hotpants, muggins and boo-boo will NOT be spending august frolicking in leafy glades. instead, we will remain on the steamy, cement sidewalks of new york city. here was the thing – as far as our prospective landlord was concerned,  just the fact of boo-boo was reason to jack up the rent and the security deposit way too high. Add to this muggins and i worrying that boo-boo would chew everything and poop everywhere turned the whole shebang into a more worrisome affair. so forget it! instead, we decided to celebrate by spending some money (but not as much as we would have in the pokeys) at bob’s discount furniture, a monstrous showroom in harlem where we were the only white people on the premises. if you ask me, the white people are missing something big time, because bob’s is FANTASTIC. sure, they’re a little heavy on the leather, but we bought a sofa and a loveseat for a song! guess who told me about bob’s? our mother, of course. when i had first told her we were going to go to Pottery Barn, she choked on her crystal light punch. “what, so expensive?” she said. “try to going to bob’s. your auntie sylvie furnished her whole house at bob’s and costco.”  with that kind of a recommendation,  muggins and i hoofed it on over, and voila, our new stuff arrives next tuesday. the way i look at it, if we have to be indoors, at least we’ll be able to loll and laze in comfort. pass the remote.


One response to “exit the poconos, enter a new loveseat!

  1. Oh Hot Pants, I’m so glad you’re not going to the Poconos. And I must see the furniture from Bob’s. Keep on writing. Also, have you seen all the blogs out there on sisters? You should link


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