rosh hashanah redux

in about a month, it’ll be that time of year again, when jews all over the world turn to thoughts of brisket and latkes with a bissel manischewitz. that’s right, it’s going to be rosh hashanah, and tonight i got a true surprise – muggins, (who is himself not a member of the tribe)  asked me if i’d spoken to Mah yet about plans for the holiday. the truth is, i have not, as our mother has been beset with worry about our father, who is 84 years old and having a nasty parkinson’s-enhanced decline. he pointed out that there is no way that they can travel from their manse in hackensack (an apartment stuffed to an inch of its life with reasonably-priced curios, many sets of glasses, and enough mirrors to impress louis XVI’s decorator) to NYC, so muggins is suggesting that we bring the meal to their house. wow, that is nice of him, because it’ll be a lot to cart latke batter and brisket across state lines – to say nothing of the emotional minefield that will be in place when we walk in! –  but we’re going to do it, and bring along some assorted party guests with us, including sassafras, wiggles’ darling girl. i wish wiggles was going to be there, but she lives in san fran and i think her usual jewish holiday celebration is to take my brother-in-law to his favorite cheeseburger place.

stay tuned for further updates.


One response to “rosh hashanah redux

  1. i wish it would happen to me – muggins’s jewish feast, that is. it’s true that left to my own devices, not much happens in celebration of our jewish heritage. when sassafrass attended jewish day school (to the amazement of all who know us) i was regularly spotted buying bread during passover. and that was just the beginning of my religious crimes! but, let’s face it, mah & dad don’t have that many rosh hashanah’s left, and mah sure loves that sickeningly sweet manischewitz vino. honestly, if muggsie’s making latkes, which even i know is for chanukah, i may have to book a flight out. keep me posted.

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