my new foolproof coping mechanism

i had breakfast with 3 friends from high school earlier this week. it was orchestrated on facebook, and let me tell you, it took the same kind of strategy required from a general in a complex land war to coordinate 4 schedules so we could all end up at a diner in stamford CT – and not one of us is working fulltime, so there was really no excuse. it’s been almost 30 yrs since we went to school together, but cliched as it might be, it felt as if no time had passed once we were smushed together in the booth.

there were 3 things i learned at this breakfast: 1. some think that french fries negate the health benefits of an egg white omelet with spinach and tomato. 2. it’s always fun to assassinate the characters of people we went to school with who are not there to defend themselves. 3. when confronted with a difficult person (like my friend miranda’s mother-in- law,) the following three responses are guaranteed to get you out of any jam: “Yes”, “uh-huh”, and “I’ll try.” i have been using her method all week and it is GENIUS. thanks, miranda.


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