the new cook goes up in flames

remember a couple days ago when i was writing about becoming a better cook? well, i suffered a major setback last night when i looked around the kitchen to make something for dinner.  here’s what i saw: fettucine, lemon, parsley, and non-fat sour cream. with my newfound kitchen confidence, i figured i’d throw it all together and make a light summer pasta dish. muggins had said he wasn’t hungry but when i brought the bowl out to the table, he asked me to bring a plate for him, too, because it smelled so good. as for boo-boo, she’s happy to eat anything that’s not nailed down, so she was padding along after me, eager for any bites that might come her way.

here’s what i can tell you about that dish – it was horrible. muggins, usually my most enthusiastic culinary audience, ate a few spoonfuls without comment.  that’s when i knew i was in trouble.  finally, he squeaked out an unbelievable “it’s good!”  to which i responded, “are you insane? this is terrible!”  he didn’t exactly argue with me.

i think the problem was simple – it was the sour cream. specifically, the fact that it was non-fat. it had a gummy aftertaste that brought to mind warm elmer’s glue. let’s face it – sour cream simply is not meant to be non-fat. it’s not right, it’s not appropriate – it’s not american!

i couldn’t eat any more after that first bowl, but muggins insisted on struggling through the leftovers today. i have no idea why. even boo-boo wasn’t interested. and this is the dog who recently tried to eat a piece of dog poop, until i yanked her away.


One response to “the new cook goes up in flames

  1. h.p., i have simplified my culinary life. i rely on lean cuisine. add a sprinkle of kosher salt & some pepper, and you have personalized your meal! and remember, there is no dish that cannot be improved with nature’s gift, butter.

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