my sex life has returned!

you may have wondered what boo-boo’s fixation on my husband has done to my sex life. if you had guessed that it was killing it, you’d be right. between boo-boo’s staring at and french kissing muggins every chance she gets, it was becoming difficult to find a time when muggins and i could be together.  (when i mentioned this to wiggles, she said, “you’re one of the few people i know who has an actual sex life. and wants one, too!”)

i was still thinking about this as I escorted boo-boo onto the street for our early morning outing today. (i wouldn’t call it a “walk,” as there is far too much tugging on her leash and picking her up in exasperation going on. As i was begging her to cross 60th street – rather than just sitting in the MIDDLE OF THE INTERSECTION like a stone, some woman passed me and said with a laugh, “She’s got you by the balls!” “Thanks for sharing,” i said.) I went home in a fury, determined that the muggins/hot pants cold streak had to come to an end. luckily, muggins was still in bed, and conveniently not wearing any pajama bottoms. “don’t move,” i said to him. As I hopped back into bed, bo0-boo trotted in, expecting to be ferried to her favorite place, snuggled between muggins and me. When we pointedly ignored her, she barked. indignantly. i didn’t even look over. she barked again. “BOO-BOO….NO!” muggins said in his best basso profundo. suddenly the room went quiet. the only noise was muggins and i getting to know each other, all over again.


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