The Final Insult

try chewing on this one, my friends: old ironsides placed the bulk of her assets, well over a million dollars, into annuities that ended at her death. that’s right, she preferred to stiff her two sons as a swan song to a life of inordinate self centeredness. meanwhile, her funeral was a reenactment of imitation of life, with a prepaid extravaganza to the tune of many thousands, featuring an ornate coffin with a profuse floral display upon it.

my heart breaks for my husband, who has been a loyal, loving son, no matter how difficult his mother was towards him. and there’s nothing funny about that, i’m sorry to say.


One response to “The Final Insult

  1. How can someone be so awful, even in death?Well, I guess there is a reason and more importantly your husband is still a kind and gentle man. Plus he has you! Please tell your sister, regarding the abacus story that a principal once came to a back-to-school-night I attended for my daughter. She talked about the no-no’s of parents doing childrens’ homework and offered this story. “When it was time for a student to get a grade I gave him a D but put a special note in there with an A for his father.”

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