i’ve still got it!

i was on a selfless errand today, going to see a friend in the hospital, and i caught sight of something in the window of a store. no, it wasn’t a cute little red top i had to have. nor was it a rotisserie chicken that i thought might be good for dinner. i am sorry to tell you, my friends, that it was my silhouette, which looked shockingly similar to that pig without pants, Porky. yeah, Porky. i know i wrote a few weeks ago about my thighs, but this was a new level of “oh, my god, i cannot believe i am out on the street looking like this!” it made me think of a blog that i have been reading, called www.formerlyhot.com, which is about what it’s like to be an inch on the other side of young. i think that suits me to a tee these days, because while i know i am not in my 20s any more (or my 30s, let’s face it), i still want to look attractive, and this was a real eye-opener. and yet. and yet – i care much less about what people think of how i look than i used to, and that’s a pleasure. so i decided not to worry so much. instead, i tossed my hair, bought an iced coffee, and continued my trip to the hospital. when i got into the elevator, a woman said to me, “I love your blouse. it makes you look so happy!”  you know how that made me feel? currently hot.


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