Wonder of Wonder, Miracle of Miracles!

Today, a momentous event occured. i was sitting here at my computer when i sensed someone behind me. indeed, it was muggins, standing in the entrance to the room. I turned around, looked at him, and here is what he said:

“I put my clothes away.”

Now, to some, this would not be a big deal. but for muggins and me, well, it was HUGE. Muggins has not put his clothes away without being prompted (either explicity or more covertly) since 2001 – and that was the year we met, when we were still trying to impress each other with our mutual perfection. perhaps one reason muggins committed such an act today is that after freelancing for a year and a half, tomorrow marks the day that i am returning to the fulltime work force. so perhaps it was a “bon voyage” gesture. it may also be because we recently bought muggins a dresser (yes, yes, yes! we went back to bob’s discount http://www.mybobs.com/and got a gorgeous dresser!) and it’s easier for him to put clothes away into something with actual drawers, instead of wrestling with the armoire that i  bought at larry’s discount antiques (are you starting to see a theme?) about 20 years ago when i lived in Los Angeles. it was a beautiful piece of furniture, but i got the feeling about 2004 that muggins did not love the fact that it had a gigantic square hole in the back from when it functioned as an entertainment center, and my TV was so byzantine that it required a gaping maw to fit its big behind.

so last week the bob’s guys delivered. it took a few days for muggins to decide where he wanted to place everything, and i have stayed away, cheering internally as sock by sock and ace ankle bandage by bandage, the couch has emerged from underneath its customary mount aetna of clothes. today was the day when it all came together, leading up to muggins’ big announcement. i was so surprised, so swept away by sheer joy that i immediately began writing this post. i asked him if he wanted to read it before i published it. “Not a chance,” he said. then i looked at where he was standing. he was turned away from me, busy reorganizing one of his drawers. Bliss!


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