Smack-down on 57th Street

Boo-boo and I were walking around during this gorgeous Labor Day weekend (a huge relief, after this hellishly hot summer) when we noticed a big crowd on 57th street. Needless to say, we hustled right over to see what the conflagration of fire trucks, police cruisers, and ambulances was all about. Truth be told, I was more interested than Boo-boo. She was performing her usual routine of rolling around on the sidewalk and letting anyone and everyone take a sniff. As soon as we slowed down, she quickly became deeply involved with a dog named Capon (or maybe Cape-in, who the hell knows?), leaving me lots of time to ask around. The rumor seemed to be that someone had either jumped or fallen out a window into an elevator shaft, killing themselves. And here is the comment I heard someone say: “How could somebody throw themselves out the window when the weather’s finally getting so nice?”

Welcome to New York City.


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