Mah’s Rule #548: “Always Accept a Compliment, No Matter Where It Comes From”

Remember the other day when Wiggles talked about the fact that our mother, Jeanne, had to call 9-1-1 three times in one day? Here’s what she didn’t tell you; that our parents’ relationship with 9-1-1 has become so familiar that they’re getting to know the individual responders quite well. In fact, the third time the guys showed up to heave Bob into bed, one of them turned to Jeanne and said, “I keep meaning to tell you that you have a really nice apartment. I love how you’ve decorated it!”

As soon as Bob was settled (actually, a smidge before, let’s be honest), Jeanne ran to the phone to breathlessly report this latest compliment to me. It’s incredible, isn’t it, Wiggles, what Jeanne chooses to focus on? What a woman.


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