Ciao, Beautiful Italy!

Sassafrass told Muggins and me a few months ago that her father, the Lord & Master, was going to be speaking at a September conference in Rome. “Gee,” we said, “can we could come, too?” Sassy looked appropriately terrified, but the next thing I knew I was seriously asking Wiggles if, in fact, we could accompany them. She must have been whacked out on Nyquil, because she said si,si!

So Muggins and I are going to meet the San Francisco branch on a plane (apologies in advance, Delta Airlines) and we’re all winging to beautiful Rome. There we will hook up with the L&M’s friend Crazy Ed and his new bride, with whom he does not live (now that’s an interesting way to start a marriage). We are their official honeymoon chaperones. Poor things.

Our plans are few, but I am looking forward to re-enacting our own updated versions of Three Coins in a Fountain, The Da Vinci Code, An Affair to Remember, Gidget Goes to Rome and Don’t Look Now.

Rest assured that we will be blogging from Rome, as well as Florence and Venice. Wiggles is the proud owner of a brand spanking new iPhone, so she says we may well be able to post video from our various jaunts. Knowing Wiggles’ bumpy relationship with technology (she had one memorable episode loading her iTunes library onto her iPod and then deleting it, over and over, as in: Load/delete. Load/delete. Load/delete), I stifled my hysterical laughter. Stay tuned and hope that you hear from us.


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