A Piccola Room in Rome

so i am here posting in an italian exchange store that has internet while wiggles sits next to me soaking up some free wi-fi writing her own post. oy, are we techn0-not-so-savvy! we could not post the 1st 24 hours because, as you can imagine, we were so freakin’ tired. we got into our room and pretty much went right to sleep. it wasn’t till i woke up this morning that i saw how incredibly small our room is. this made me think about the last time muggins and i were in rome. We joked that they built the room around the bed, as there was so little space that we had to crawl over each other to get to the bathroom, or hell, just to put on some shoes! this room was clearly designed by the same architect, with a budget of 5 more dollars. or should i say, 5 more euros. we’re still basically crawling all over each other tho the bathroom is a scitch bigger.

as for the art, well, we went to the villa borghese this morning. it was gorgeous but all on one subject. and you KNOW the subject i mean. all i could think afterwards was, “wow. i want some gelato!” can you say picola fragola?


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