The Florence Frolic

That’s what we’ve been doing ever since arriving in Florence earlier today.

I am happy to report that our room in Florence makes up in size and grandeur for our room in Rome. It is gigantic, has a table and chairs in the center, and an extra room for what will presumably be our dozens of purchases while we’re here. Wiggles walked in, saw our set-up, and immediately stamped her feet. Then the L&M chimed in: “Do we have a refrigerator, Wiggles?” he asked. (and woe to Wiggs if he didn’t). He and Wiggs hot-footed it back to their room and thank God, they do. 

And speaking of hot, though we were told it’d be a good 10 degrees cooler here than in  Rome, I took one look at the hot Florence sun and headed over to the stalls to buy some sandals. My tootsies just couldn’t take it. Now I am cool and writing to you from a slightly scary Internet cafe where there are many emotional and foreign tongues swirling all around me – most of them spoken directly to their computer screen. So if something happens to me, please give Sassy my new red sandals. I think she’ll like them.


One response to “The Florence Frolic

  1. I want your life! While NYC is exceptional in the fall I would much rather be handing out my credit card to the lovely shopkeepers of Firenze! Say hello to my great crush, Mr. King David, as only Michangelo could imagine him. FYI–reading The Agony and The Ectacy in Florence is very pleasurable. Have fun, Starkravers

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