Sex. Shopping. Gelato.

This was my day today in Florence. After a kaboom, kaboom start (many thanks, Muggins), we hit the Firenze stalls with a vengeance. You name it, we bought it – gorgeous scarves, two bags, with a side trip to a shoe store where Muggins bought two pairs of shoes and I bought a gorgeous pair of Oxford’s. The charming gentleman whose store we were in kept wanting to tell us the provenance of his family’s business, that his name means “oak tree” in Italian, etc. I nodded with a frozen smile on my face, but all I could think was, “Give me those shoes! Now!” Eventually, he did.

Then we wandered around till we got to Vivoli’s, a famous gelateria where we took pics of our purchases, they were so beautiful. You may wonder why we’re not posting pics. Well, between my forgetting the converter for my camera’s memory card and Wiggles’ admitting that “There’s a step I’m missing,” we’re going to have to wait till we get back home to post snaps of our galliventure. Basta!


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