Do Not Try This at Home

I feel that I must address the teeming mob who asks, “Is it true you did not shampoo your hair at all in Italy?”

Yes, it’s true. Yes, I did not shampoo. Before leaving San Francisco, I visited my most wonderful hairdresser, Hamideh Nouri, of Sisters Salon & Spa on West Portal Avenue. She administered an industrial strength shampoo & blow dry with gobs of product, finishing off with an intense swirl of superduper extrastrength hair spray.

Ha! All I had to do was rake the old fingers through  my tresses and they were gorgeous. At first. I started out very Italian mod/Jean Seberg; by the time we left Venice I resembled a reject from the Vienna Boys Choir. So it goes.

Let’s call it a very long term deep conditioning treatment. But, please, do not try this at home.


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