“Sniff Me!” She Said

You all know how much I love my Pancake, she of the extravagant morning kisses and 3am poops. I mean, how could you NOT love that? But she does have one habit that I am becoming increasingly more concerned about: and that is the fact that she rolls over and lifts her leg EVERY TIME she meets another dog. People usually laugh nervously while their dog goes to town on Pancake, who just lies there with her head on the sidewalk like she’s at the gynecologist office and has already fulfilled her deductible. One owner cheerfully said to me, “Wow, what a slut!” as she nodded with approval.

After ten to fifteen seconds (which is an excruciatingly long period in Dog Time), Pancake gets up and smells the other dog’s ass. Unfortunately, by this time both the dog and the owner have often lost interest, which means that my little girl has GIVEN IT AWAY FOR FREE once again. Sometimes we trot after them for another go, but it doesn’t usually work. I have tried to explain to the `Cake that there are other ways to make friends, but she pays me no mind. She just lowers her lashes and looks divine. Then she’s off to find her next bus-stop beau.


2 responses to ““Sniff Me!” She Said

  1. People often criticize kitties as being “impersonal” or “aloof” but there is something to be said for a species that greets nose-to-nose?

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