T.J. Maxx Attacks!

Across the street from our apartment there used to be a Conran’s: overpriced, understocked, with unfriendly personnel – when you could find someone working there at all. I avoided it all costs. So imagine my joy when Conran’s moved out and a sign went up announcing that T.J. Maxx was taking over the space. Pancake, Himself and I have spent a lot of time looking in the windows (well, that would be me and Himself….Pancake just sees it as a one of her poop spots), talking about all the great things we’re going to buy there. Himself has not been to a T.J. Maxx but I have, enough to assure him that we will no longer have to walk ALL THE WAY (ie, 2 avenues and 3 blocks) to Daffy’s to buy undies, socks, gloves, and the odd pair of pants.

I happily noted that it was opening today and planned to go in between Pancake’s third and fourth walks of the day, when she gives Himself and I a few hours off to take showers and plan her Sunday night entertainments. At about 1pm, Himself called me over the window. “You will not believe this,” he said.  I looked out, and there it was – a line of people waiting to get into the new T.J. Maxx! What the frigg? I thought to myself. I understand wanting to buy a great fall bag at a good price – but this is ridiculous! And I get the excitement over shopping; this is the city that houses Bergdorf and Cartier, after all. But T.J. Maxx? Yes, it’s fun and I look forward to going there. But I wouldn’t wait on line to walk in.

Now it’s 4pm. If the line is gone at 6, I’m running over.


One response to “T.J. Maxx Attacks!

  1. There are in fact some design cats who didn’t jump for joy at the news that Conran’s was closed, who didn’t consider it understaffed and overpriced.
    For those who care it in fact it has only moved, to ABC Carpets @ 19th and Broadway…..much more suitable neighborhood.

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