Cry, Cry, Baby

That’s what the infant a couple of rows back from me did the whole flight. The whole five + hours of flying from San Francisco to New York.

Now, I’m pretty sure this baby wasn’t wailing over the death of the Lord & Master’s beloved Aunt Ginger, the reason we found ourselves suddenly winging east. But, come on, a multihour sobfest? Has this mother not heard of bottles, binkies, Nyquil? I don’t get it. How can anyone bring her baby aboard without major soothing methods, especially for the inevitable ear clogging of landings?

When Sassafrass was a wee one, I hauled a minimum of four bottles per flight. Once we even gave one away to another supply-free couple who gaped in astonishment at our stash.

Also in my bag of tricks was a change of clothes for Sassy, in case she upchucked her meals. Alas, my clever child once decided to heave all over me before we even took off. Whew, I was one sour and damp mess for the duration. At least we only offended passengers’ noses; not their ears.

Luckily for the L&M, his low-normal hearing levels kept him safe from the racket that bombarded me. Mothers, I beg you, bring your bottles or your breasts when you fly with your baby.


2 responses to “Cry, Cry, Baby

  1. Dear Nanny,
    Yes, I know that babies with ear infections cannot be easily soothed. Nor should they be on airplanes, since the altitude can cause a mere ear infection to escalate into deafness. Just ask Marlee Matlin.
    However, my dearest, you are missing the point. Namely, this is a HUMOR column.

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