A New York City Dust-Up

My cleaning lady, who comes every other week and in broken English always asks how Bob and Jeanne are, hasn’t shown up in a month because she is suffering from debilitating migraines. What this means for me is that the apartment is developing a lovely layer of NYC-issued film. I picked up a dust bunny on the stairs the other day and Pancake thought it was a toy. If only I could train her to bring it to the kitchen garbage can!

We’re suffering along, but I am beginning to think I may need to dig out the vacuum and run it around the apartment myself. We have two vacuums; one the cleaning lady told me she hated, so I bought the same one that Sassy uses and loves. Sadly, the CL hated the new one more than she hated the old one, so she uses that one while the new one just sits there. Pancake thinks any kind of vacuuming is terribly exciting, though. What a weekend she’ll have when I take it out and rev it up!


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