Bonehead Move #597

Uh, I don’t want to say that I have been a little distracted, but here’s what happened two days ago.

As part of my new job, you can opt to have some money taken out of your paycheck and put into a “transit account” so you can pay for your train ticket (or in my case, bus/subway fare) with pre-tax dollars. Naturally, I signed up for this immediately, inwardly cackling at how much money I’d be saving. Woo-hoo, I thought to myself ! Another genius fiscal maneuver by HotPants!

Time passed, and I noticed earlier this week that my MetroCard balance was dwindling. So while I was lying in bed (flanked by Himself and Pancake, like the three little hot dogs we are) making my endless inner list of things I must do the next day (beg cleaning lady to start coming every week! Finish reading Elizabeth Taylor bio! Get to gym at 6am! Begin new iteration of health care reform!) it occured to me that I had no idea how to take advantage of  this transit account. I knew there was some sort of debit card involved, but I had no recollection of activating anything. Then I wondered how many more days I could get around before I had to pay cold hard cash when I KNEW I had been putting delicious pre-tax dollars into an account somewhere. So I added to the list: Find out WHERE THE HELL that card is.

The next day, in between editing copy, attending meetings, and writing typically terse email responses, I called the transit card people. “Oh, no, HotPants,” they said, “your account is set up and we sent you a card in September! We have it right here in our files, HotPants. We can’t imagine what has gone wrong, HotPants!” Twenty minutes later I had cancelled the account, faxed my signature, filed a claim, and verbally bitten off the head of someone at the transit card company who referred to herself as “Bubbles.”  

I was exhausted and it wasn’t even 1oam.

At lunch that day, I was feeling around in the bottom of my bag for the little security doo-hickey that gets me into my office building. I keep it in the same designated coin purse as my flimsy MetroCard. Then I felt something stiff next to my MetroCard. Guess what it was? That’s right – it was my pristine, unused transit card THAT I HAVE BEEN CARRYING AROUND SINCE SEPTEMBER.

I called Bubbles back and told her to cancel my claim and re-open my account. She was very nice about it.


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