Depth Charge

While bucking up Sassafrass for the post-student life looming in her very near future, I confessed the following: “I have just enough depth to know I have no depth at all.”

I then repeated said minimal insight into myself to the Lord & Master, who shot back, “No, that’s wrong. You have depth. But you have no purpose.”

What can I say? He gets me. He really, really gets me.

A coupla days later I reminded him how flawless his husbandly perspective is.

“You didn’t let me finish! It’s not just that you have no purpose, but, who cares? Not everyone has to have a purpose.”

The bottom line is the L&M didn’t mean this as a criticism and I didn’t take it as such. He captured the 50’s dream housewife June Cleaver life I lead to perfection. In other words, I’m not a do-er, I’m a be-er.


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