The Business of Cards

Wiggles and I decided that we needed business cards for our fabu blog. So from our separate posts on opposite ends of the country, we went on together to choose a design. At $5.99 for 250 cards, the options were fantastic. I don’t want to say that it took a long time, but Himself and I cooked dinner, ate it, took Pancake for a walk, lost one of her favorite balls under a parked car on 59th street, and came back before any final decisions were made. Wiggles and I spent a lot of time on the phone together, saying things like, “Look at the one in the third row, two in from the left!” and “Hey! There’s a jewelry category!”

In the end, we chose a design called “Erotic Pure Romance,” which we agree suits us and the site perfectly. We’ll post it when the cards come in, so that you can tell us if we have totally lost our minds. And Wiggles even talked me into a glossy finish because, well, we’re glossy girls. I think you’re going to love it.


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