What Pancake Has Taught Me About Life

You know, I am a worrier. I fret, ruminate, and hold a grudge.  I get nervous, I think about what may or may not happen tomorrow, and what I will do in either case. I stew about things that have happened in the past and concoct elaborate scenarios about what I will say to someone who has wronged me when I come across them once again. In short, sometimes I am toting around an awful lot of baggage.

And then there is Pancake. She is so friendly and full of life, with a wonderfully positive attitude toward all the people, dogs and brightly-colored balls she meets in the course of her day. She is an ambassador of goodwill, wagging her tail so hard her whole back half wriggles in delight.

I think I need to cultivate an attitude like hers – less baggage, more waggage.


3 responses to “What Pancake Has Taught Me About Life

  1. That is why we beg dogs to share their lives with us. Truly, we get a great deal and if we’re lucky, their unrestricted love teaches us how pleasurable life can be. Our two dogs have taught me that. The husband will hopefully learn the same lesson. One day…

  2. As you know, my little devil Theo Fannybrice has taught me that love can be cruel and distant, yet profound. He’s a complicated, cranky fellow, which serves me right, ‘cuase I’m the same thing in human female form.
    There’s no denying the Power of Pancake. I dream of her hot kisses. I’ll collect them next week in NYC.

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