Pancake Channels Lassie

We had a little plumbing situation in our apartment a few weeks ago, when the neighbor upstairs sprung a leak from behind his shower. We became aware of this leak at about 1:30AM a few nights ago whenI woke up to what sounded like rain – inside the apartment. We called the Super and he came right up. Pancake was confused but still gave him a hearty welcome, because to her, any guest is reason for a vigorous tail wag and a potential belly rub in return.

The Super turned on all the faucets in the bathroom so any lingering water could drain. Then he turned off the water in our line of apartments so we could all sleep through the night without any further watery incidents.

The next day I went to work and Himself was working at home when Pancake began barking at him furiously. Usually, a bark from Pancake can be translated into one of several specific requests: a) Put me on the bed b) Get me off the bed c) My ball is under the couch and I can’t reach it or d) Take me out before I poop on your expensive rug. You have three minutes.

But this was different, especially since Pancake had just been walked and fed. Himself tried to quiet her down but she wouldn’t go for it. Finally he got up, and she herded him into the bathroom where the water was now back on, running full throttle into the bathtub. It was already halfway filled. “Yikes!” said Himself, and turned off the water. Then he picked her up, kissed her, and gave her a chicken strip, which she loves.

I don’t want to say Pancake’s a genius, but SHE IS A GENIUS. She saved us from a flood quickly and efficiently. She protected her home and the people in it. And all she wanted in return was a chicken strip.


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