The Hound Incites a Canine Riot

Theo Fannybrice, 25 pounds of pure macho Cairn terrier, gets a touch territorial if another pooch approaches me. Just yesterday while I was un-digging his holes and tunnels out at Fort Funston, another large, friendly dog came up to check out my work. Instantly, Theo lunged at the poor fellow. Now, my monster is well known to the other animals out at the Fort. They’ve all pegged him for the obnoxious, all bark and no bite, swaggering faux brute that he is. So, the big dog Theo was hounding quietly evaded all the growls and snapping. (The dog walkers sure took note. “Oh, Christ, it’s Theo. He’s attacking somebody. Again.” And other less lovely quips.)

I herded my offending and offensive animal to the car and away from the other dogs. That shovel can come in mighty handy!

However. It seems Theo unleashed some kind of canine hysteria. Within two shakes of removing him from the scene, all hell broke loose. I’ve never seen – or heard – such a wild, uninhibited display of pure unleashed animal instinct. The barking, the snapping, the chasing. And everyone agreed it was my little scoundrel who’d created this perfect storm. Not his – or my – proudest moment.

Later that evening, when he started up again over the perceived smell or sound of some backyard animal, I decided no more Miss Nice Guy. “Theo, sit down and shut up.” You know what? He did.


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