Paper Towels & Toilet Paper

Last week I drove Himself crazy.

“Himself,” I’d ask sweetly, “Did you get some paper towels and toilet paper? We need them.”

A day went by and Himself didn’t get them. The next day, I asked again. “Himself, we need paper towels and toilet paper. Can you get some?”

Well, Himself was busy that week but a few days later, when I got in from work, he said to me, “Guess what? I got paper towels and toilet paper.”

Thank the Lord! To me, TP and PT’s are not just paper products; they are the signposts of my life. I am always concerned that we are running out of one or both of these items, and that I need to have contingency plans in place if I am short on either. Will I use paper towels if I run out of toilet paper? If I run out of toilet paper, I may have to get the Kleenex involved! Then I’ll have to worry about my Kleenex inventory, which is a whole other level of paper-products to prioritize!

I have definite preferences of what types of PT and TP I like. Himself got some Scott paper once which was just too slick, if you ask me. My cleaning lady requires Bounty paper towels. The woman can barely speak English but managed to communicate very clearly to me last week that the Duane Reade-label paper towels I’d picked up in a pinch were woefully inadequate. I couldn’t disagree with her.

Now, you might think, “Paper towels and toilet paper? Big deal! You run out, you go get some more.”

No, my friends. Not in my world.

There is something about a bare paper towel rack or naked toilet paper holder that makes me feel like the house is not cared for. It’s reassuring to me to know that if I look over to the right in my bathroom, there’s a plump roll waiting to be unfurled. Or in the kitchen, a fat cylinder of Bounty prepared for unspooling. Like happy flags.

Long may they wave.


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