My At-Home ER

This morning, at about 6:13AM, I got a leg cramp – a tightening in my right calf so intense that I woke up from a delicious sleep crying out in pain. It sounded like this: “EHAAAAHHHHH!!!!”

Followed by, “I have a CRRRRRRAAAAAMMMPPPPPP!!!!”

But suddenly a miraculous thing happened, when my team of EMT’s – a team I didn’t know I had – sprang into action.

The first one to arrive at the scene was Himself.

“WHERE IS IT?” he yelled, throwing off the covers and reaching out toward me. Somehow, his left hand landed on my right breast, which was not where the cramp was located.

“MY LEG!” I yelled.

He reached down and started massaging my left thigh.

“OTHER LEG!” I gasped.

Then the reinforcements appeared, as Pancake galloped up from her post at the end of the bed to administer some relief. And sweet relief it was, in the form of many kisses right on the lips, which made it difficult – but not impossible – to tell Himself that it was my calf, and not my thigh, that was propelling me into such agony.

There I was, prone on the bed, getting kissed by my puppy and massaged by my husband. I began to relax, and in minutes, the cramp had subsided.

Then we each retreated to our respective positions until the alarm went off.


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