Can You Move It Like This? I Hope Not!

Lately, I’ve been tripping over my own two feet and just about everything else in my path. I’ve even closed our old fashioned one slab garage door on my own head. Guess I wasn’t moving fast enough, which would mean a pace slightly swifter than a snail.

The other day I hopped off the treadmill and pulled on the waist tie of my workout capris in a (supposedly) time saving maneuver en route to the ladies locker room. Instead, I created a knot so huge I could barely wiggle my pants over my hips in time to ride the porcelain pony.

Out at Fort Funston with the hound I bent over and promptly caught my keychain in my shoelaces, thereby inventing an unintentional new dance, the Stoop & Squat.

I’d like to be an elegant, Grace Kelly-ish sylph, but that’s not going to happen. Not in this incarnation, anyway. I’ll have to settle for being a shoo-in for a How Many Self Inflicted Body Bruises Do You Have? competition. To each her own.


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