Wild for Wilde

On Sunday afternoon Himself and I went to see “The Importance of Being Earnest” with Viv and Steve. For me, it was a witty comedy, a satire of Victorian London. For Himself it was a semi-terrifying trip down Memory Lane.

The show’s centerpiece role, Lady Bracknell, was played by the show’s male director, Brian Bedford. (S)he had a tour-de-force scene in Act I. As soon as the curtain went down for the first intermission, Himself turned and said, “Seeing Lady Bracknell was like watching my mother onstage.”

Viv piped right up (after sending Steve on a brownie-locating mission). “Oh, no! I met your mother at your wedding!” she commented.

“You might have met her, but you didn’t know her,” Himself  replied dryly.

It was fantastic, like having an Oscar Wilde-esque play unfold on either side of me.

What would Lady Bracknell have to say, I wonder? Probably something more about the unsuitability of marrying into a cloakroom or forming an alliance with a parcel. Then with a sniff, she’d be out the door.


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