Oscar Wilde is the Father of Jiminy Cricket

I do believe I am right about this. If nothing else. As our father Bob often proclaimed, “Often wrong; never in doubt.” And of all his offspring, I am most like Pater Dearest.

Allow me to explain the latest startling realization upon which I have stumbled.

Hot Pants’ recent visit with Lady Bracknell reminded me that the Lord & Master’s favorite Wildean witticism is “Be yourself; everyone else is taken.” Smart words, indeed. Now, I have culled a similar nugget of wisdom from my personal guru, Jiminy Cricket: “Be yourself, you can’t be anybody else.”

Hmmm. Suspiciously similar, no? Of course, the L&M shows off his knowledge of great literature, while I reveal my, shall we say, folksy inclinations. But think about it, from natty attire to droll banter, Oscar and Jiminy are kindred spirits separated only by time, dimension, and pen & ink. Not to mention, Wilde loved men and my beloved Cricket’s constant companion was Herman the Ant. (“I believe it!”)

Whenever I face doubts, confusion, or dilemmas, i.e., every day, I always have asked myself, “What would Jiminy Cricket recommend?” And he’s never steered me wrong. After all, from a wee critter I’ve learned to let my conscience be my guide. Hey, Mr. Disney, I’m talking to you. Imitation may be the sincerest form of flatter, but you, sir, are a crook!


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