That Cosmo Girl

As you know, Wiggles and I were lucky enough to see each other at the bar mitzvah of our cousin Ben. It was a particularly poignant occasion for Jeanne, who got to spend time with her sister, Sandra. They usually limit their contact to several 2+ hours conversations per week, so it was really special to conduct those chats in person, unfetted by pestering husbands.

I don’t want to say Jeanne was poised for a good time, but at the mandatory Friday-night Chinese dinner she showed up in an outfit….well, let’s just say that Sassafras put it best when she commented that someone must have told Jeanne it was a costume party because she came dressed as Sue Sylvester. And it’s true. When not in her temple finery, she was decked out in a black and red velour tracksuit that she accesorized with dangly earrings and bracelets Lil Wayne would have envied.

If that wasn’t enough, she celebrated being on a road trip by drinking! Yes, the woman who thinks Manischewitz Blackberry (vintage March 2011) is a fine blend of grapes, actually had not one, but two Cosmos. At first she was leery when our brother Andy ordered them for her, but it was easy to get her to take a sip.

“Cosmos, Mah!” her children said to her to unison. “They’re what Carrie Bradshaw drinks!” That’s all Jeanne had to hear. Soon enough she was dancing a one-woman horah.


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