Pancake, My Maxxinista

A lot of dogs like to chase balls (mine does). A lot of dogs like to eat cheese (ditto). But not a lot of dogs like to browse at TJ Maxx. Mine does.

Sweet little Pancake somehow got wind of the fact that dogs are welcome at the TJ Maxx across the street from our apartment building, and she insists on stopping in, especially in the evening. Once in the door, she likes to inspect the entire main floor, which consists of handbags, suitcases, and random items like yoga mats and reading glasses.

The people who work there don’t seem to mind that she’s there, but they don’t exactly fall all over her, either, which surprises us both, since Pancake is a beloved and popular gal in the neighborhood. But she remains unruffled, as she slowly and methodically sniffs all the merchandise, paying particular attention to the bath and body products.

The other day, however, she positioned us right in front of a display of Michael Kors spring bags. Usually I rely on Wiggles to simply send me her cast-off purses so I can swan around the city in style. But this day, because the `Cake was doing such a careful inspection, I started to look. And you know what? Michael’s bags (I have felt we were on a first-name basis ever since I used to see his cute little orange face on Project Runway) were gorgeous!

You would think that I would have gotten wise to Pancake’s predeliction and would think to bring some money with me when we go in, but I manage to show up most of the time with nothing but a poop bag and a well-loved tennis ball to my name. 

Even though I had no money with me, I took one of the bags off the shelf and tried it on for size. Pancake watched intently, and so help me God, she gave me a nod as if to say, “Yes, that’s a nice bag and I think you should get it. Now. They’re practically giving it away!”

Who am I to ignore the advice of a 15-pound dog who I know only has my best interests at heart? I took her home and returned the next day, and I bought that bag. Pancake was proud of me for doing it. I know because she chewed off the zipper as soon as we got home.


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