Ring Around The Royal Wedding

I am insanely excited about the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William. I know he’s lost whatever he had of his looks and they are accused of being Prince and Princess Boring, but I still plan to DVR all the festivities, as does Wiggles. She actually shocked me yesterday by saying that she read that Kate was having her engagement ring re-designed – Diana’s ring! I started Googling immediately, but all I could find was that she is having it re-sized. Wiggs! Please don’t scare me like this in the future!


One response to “Ring Around The Royal Wedding

  1. Sorry, H.P. I do have a way of getting the details wrong. As Daddy (Bob) loves to say, “Often wrong; never in doubt.” Of course, if you ask me, she OUGHT to change that fusty old-lady setting.

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