A Wow of a Wedding

I have just emerged from watching about 43 hours of Royal Wedding pre-show, play-by-play, and wrap-up coverage. Himself took a major pass on all of it, but Pancake enjoyed right along with me. I didn’t get up at 4am like my friends Viv and Karen, but I have certainly made up for it every chance I got, in between work, throwing a dinner party, and attending a dance concert this weekend.

Here’s what I think: Kate is no fashionista and her dress reflected that. I didn’t like that she barely had a manicure and I agree with Wigs that her bouquet was not what it should have been. But I do think she looked truly happy and unlike her departed mother-in-law, seems to have a much better sense of what lies in store for her. Plus, she actually knows her husband and seems to like him!

So, you go, girl. I advise you to borrow a lot of your Grandmama-in-law’s jewelry. Ask to wear a ring or two and then CONVENIENTLY FORGET TO RETURN IT. The old bat’s 85. You think she’s gonna remember? Nah.


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