Ding, Dong The Bastard’s Dead

And by that I mean Osama Bin Laden. I never thought I’d actually be happy to announce someone’s murder/assassination, but when I woke up last Monday morning and turned on NPR expecting to hear the newest pitch for their 25th fund drive of the year, I learned instead of the incredible news of Bin Laden’s death and burial at sea.

Pancake and I just stared at each other, both wondering if it could really be true. And it was. Immediately I shook Himself awake. “Bin Laden’s dead!” I said with an audible note of glee. Don’t forget that we live in New York, and for anyone who survived that day, Bin Laden was the epitome of evil and unfulfilled vengeance – until Monday. “Where did they get him?” Himself asked, instantly awake.

It didn’t even cross my mind till later that I was actually crowing about someone being shot in the left eye at close range. But this particular man? He deserved it.


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