Whole Foods: Fiasco!

Jeanne just called. She’d had a frustrating day. “What happened?” I asked.

“I went to a new market and I didn’t like it.”

“What market?”

“Complete Foods,” she sputtered.

“You mean Whole Foods?”

“Yes, that was it. Whole Foods,” she spat. “I’ll never go there again!”

She must be the only person on the planet who views Whole Foods with disdain. I take a deep breath.

“Why didn’t you like it?”

“I didn’t know what to get! They had beans with….sauce. Who could tell what it was? And it was expensive. [This last comment I did agree with].

“Was it just too organic, Mah?”

“YES! That’s it. Too organic. I mean, where was the Chinese Buffet so I could bring home some General Tso’s for Daddy?”

Good point. What were those crazy people at Whole Foods thinking?


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