All Hail, Theo

I have recently returned from a trip to San Francisco to see my beloved sis and brother-in-law. We ate Thai food, we shopped at vintage clothing stores, we meandered down Haight Street (and that was with the Lord & Master, since Wiggles has now joined the work force).

The three of us had a wonderful time, but the real surprise of the trip was Wiggles’ dog, one Theo Fanny Brice. After spending some quality time with Theo on the couch and at his beloved fort where he digs for gophers, it is my professional conclusion that Wiggles has unfairly maligned him on this blog. I found Theo to be a delightful hound, whose considerable talents include eating anything Wiggles feeds him, obeying the Lord & Master when he tells him to stop barking wildly, and most importantly, only needing walks that last about 2 minutes.

Contrast this with Pancake, who likes a nice slow amble of at least 20 minutes at a shot, at least 4 times a day. She barely listens to anyone, and she likes to play Fetch but makes you wrestle the slimy ball out of her mouth. Sometimes you throw her the ball and she just stares at you until you fetch it for her. She is a finicky eater who has us now cooking hamburger and chicken for her on a regular basis.

I’d like to get the two of them together. I think they could learn a lot from each other.


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