Can You See Me Now?

Our mother Jeanne just keeps surprising me.

When it comes to the Lord & Master, she’s always been a tad flirtatious. They’re actually closer in age than he & I are, but, still. After he took her with us to Italy, she purred to me on the phone, “Be sure to say ‘hi’ to the L&M. [long pause] My boyfriend.”

“Mah, do you realize whom you’re talking to?”

It’s just creepy to hear my own mother call my husband her boyfriend.

But she managed to top that this weekend with the following, which is a direct quote, folks:

“I have to call the Lord & Master. But I can’t do it now ’cause I’m not dressed.”

Jeanne, he doesn’t posses superpowers. He cannot see you over the telephone. Believe me, he parades around in his comfy house clothes all day long. Even when he’s squawking on the horn.

Dial away, dear vixen mammy. Clothes optional.


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