Apparently I Am Older Than I Thought

A few nights ago, I took Sassafras and my nephew (who has requested to be referred to as “The Ultimate” on this blog) to see “The Normal Heart,” Larry Kramer’s saga about the advent of AIDS. You might think it would be dated, as it was written in 1983, but one glimpse of the final scene when the couple is “married” by their doctors right before one of the pair dies, and it feels very today! We chose this play because Ulti was graduating from high school and said he wanted to see it, so it became a graduation gift for both him and Sassy, who has waved goodbye to NYU after being given something called the “Founders’ Day” award. (Jeanne says this means Sassy’s “graduated summa!”)

Anyway, I like to look at myself as a Cool Aunt, and was looking forward to spending time with Ulti and Sass, uninteruptedly making fun of Bob and Jeanne and crazy adults in general, but I began to get the distinct impression they don’t see me as their contemporary! I suppose it’s true that my references are different: when I observed that another restaurant patron looked like Captain Stubing, they just stared uncomprehendingly. But when Ulti said he looked like a refugee from the cast of “Spring Awakenings,” hilarity ensued! I suppose matters weren’t helped when I begged them to look at my new cell phone to explain (forget explain, I just wanted them to fix the damn thing) why i had three gmail icons on my home screen. Sassy did it in two seconds.Then after the play, she and Ulti said it made more sense for Ulti to wait for his dad at Sassy’s apartment. Then they disappeared into the Bridge & Tunnel throng. As for me, I jumped in a cab and put on my “Carpenters Gold” CD to mellow out before I went to bed. Pancake loved it.


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