Today I cleaned Jeanne’s Desk

While enjoying the 4th of July holiday, I took off some time to help Jeanne pay some bills and organize her desk, which is actually a beautiful table that was holding basketfuls – nay bushelfuls – of mail. Here were some of the high points of what I found and Jeanne’s running commentary during the process.

1. What I found: Thousands (seriously, thousands) of sticky return-address labels sent to Jeanne by the Veterans. Some of them had an address she and Bob haven’t lived at in 20 years.

Jeanne’s comment: “Don’t throw them out! I can give them to some of my piano students as stickers! They’ll love them!”

2.What I found: A Bar Mitzvah invitation from, I kid you not, 2005. They still haven’t RSVP’d.

Jeanne’s comment: “That’s the Levine boy! We really wanted to go to that Bar Mitzvah. It was in Utah. Who knew there were Jews in Utah?”

3. What I found: The checkbook that goes along with her bank account.

Jeanne’s comment: “Do you know how long I’ve been looking for that?”

4. What I found: Her Esso Gas Card. Need I say more?

Jeanne’s comment: “I haven’t seen an Esso gas station in a long time. Have you?”


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