Bitch Stole My Look

While Hot Pants bored Sassafrass and The Ultimate, a.k.a. my daughter and our nephew, with her antiquated cultural references, I have sunk into the unenviable role of Unintentional Old Lady.

Back in March the Whole Catastrophe caravaned up to Massachusetts for the Bar Mitzvah of young Benjamin Shufro. No sooner had we checked into our swanky Marriott Stoughton digs than Ulti’s mother Susan [not to be confused with our other sister in law, Sue] and I hotfooted it over to Frugal Fanny’s, a Costco style clothing and jewelry warehouse. Among my considerable haul was a snazzy floral print jacket I fancied as rather chic. Just last month I sashayed around a wedding as its forgiving cut hid my newly thick waistline. (Curse that wretched Menopause!)

Well, imagine my surprise when viewing a recent episode of Hot in Cleveland and spying my very own Frugal Fanny find on one of the main characters. Unfortunately, it was Betty White. 89 year old Betty White. Believe me, it’s no ego boost to be caught in a Who Wore It Better contest with someone three decades older. If Joan Rivers features this sartorial debacle on Fashion Police I am officially going into hiding.

When did my style veer off into Golden Girl land? Damn, I live in hip San Francisco, not dinner at 4 p.m. Miami Beach. You show-off, Miss Betty White!

Can I ever be seen in public in this jacket again? You be the judge:


2 responses to “Bitch Stole My Look

  1. You guys should have YOUR own show.

    PS-i tried to log in via WordPress and it’s not letting me. I know I have the right username and password because I am logged into my blog that nobody knows about on another screen. have you heard any one else have issues with the WordPress login for comments here?

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