Trained by Pancake

It has been my fervent wish to get Pancake on a more regular schedule, down from her normal 5-6 walks per day; most of this wishing takes place on the weekend, when I am with her most. Yesterday we had a banner day, with one walk in the early morning, another around 3pm, and the final gallop round the block at about 8pm.

I was feeling good, my friends, that Pancake was really getting the hang of her new routine.

That was until today, when so help me, God, she’s had me out 5 times and it’s only 5pm – and that included a 90- minute trip to the dog run! I am beginning to feel like a Prisoner of War – just when I get her home and settled and begin to do something else, she starts to bark and quickly increases the intensity so that I am up and looking for a ball within about 45 seconds. Then we trot out the door, much to the hilarity of whichever doorman is on duty.

So I ask you – who’s training who? For your pleasure, I am attaching a photo at her most adorable, which explains why I am unable to resist her.


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