Tan, Baby, Tan!

I have the beginnings of a tan, a glorious tan with a tinge of sunburn that feels so good. I know, I know it’s not prudent, not healthy to bake in the sun, but don’t forget that I was trained at the freckled knee of Jeanne, who burned herself to a crisp one Miami vacation in the 1970s and ended up in the Emergency Room. Using nothing less than Bain de Soleil, an orange gel you can probably fry bacon in, with SPF 4. I still think I look better with a tan, much better than with the fake kind, though I have been experimenting. Still, nothing’s like the Vitamin D-addled genuine suntan. It just says summer!! Let’s just hope I don’t end up like this woman. 


One response to “Tan, Baby, Tan!

  1. Dearest Hot Pants,
    Please don’t turn into Burn, Baby, Burn. You probably remember well when we spent a romantic week together in Kauai and I burned out on a day cruise until I appeared radioactive and glowed in the dark.
    I’m sending you that Jergens self tanning goop in a tube!
    Fake it, Baby, fake it!
    I love my sister, including her skin.

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