Where ARRRRRE You?

That is Jeanne’s signature greeting. She uses it all the time, even when she’s calling me at home, where, presumably, she knows where I am. When I say to her, “Mah, you just called me at home, so I’m at home!” or “Mah, I’m at the number you just dialed, at work!” she usually says, “Okay” and then acts like she’s about to hang up.

“That’s it?” I often respond. “You just want to know where I am?”

“I don’t want to bother you!” she warbles. But of course, she already has gotten me in the middle of whatever ridiculous thing I was already doing.

But at least I am not alone. She also does it to Wiggles and Sassafrass. And Sassy and I think Wiggles may have inherited this very gene from Jeanne. I say this because Wiggles was at Sassy’s apartment a few months ago. She picked up a postcard that she herself had sent Sassy and asked, “Did you get this?”

Let’s face it: it’s just a few short stops to WHERE ARRRREEE YOU?


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