Lash-tastic Pancake

Today Pancake was groomed. I asked Marcia, who runs the dog-beauty shop, to have the groomer (a lovely man who I am quite certain is an ex-con) trim Cakey’s eyelashes. “I’ve never heard anyone ask for that, but ok,” she said with a shrug.

Here’s why: Pancake has eyelashes that are – and I am not exaggerating – at least 4 inches long. She looks like a bug! It must bother her, right?

On my way to pick her up, I called Jeanne, who, by the way, also has very long lashes, but that’s because of her pre-diabetes meds. “You cannot have Pancake’s lashes cut!” she squealed. “That’s part of who she is!” Then she brought out the big guns: “Elizabeth Taylor had a double row of eyelashes, and they were her crowning glory. You wouldn’t cut Liz’s lashes, would you?”

I burbled appropriately and hung up.

Then I arrived at Sutton Pets. “The groomer wouldn’t touch Pancake’s lashes,” she informed me, surrounded by her A Star is Born-era photos of her idol, Barbra Streisand. “He said it’s her beauty and you can’t change that. They make Pancake who she is.”

Silly me, I thought it was a hygiene issue! Apparently, what do I know?

Then La Cake was presented to me. She had a red bow on her harness and looked divine. She blinked her lashes at me. You know what? They ARE perfect.


Liz & Her Double Row



One response to “Lash-tastic Pancake

  1. Mrs. Taylor’s pediatrician actually present Liz’s lashes as a defect. What a moron! Of course, Baby Elizabeth also was covered all over with soft black fur at birth. Odd.
    Jeanne’s eyelashes are so long because of her glaucoma meds, which is how Latisse was invented. She could start a stiff breeze if she bats her eyes – they’re horse lashes!
    Kisses & hugs to Miss Pancake from Auntie Wiggles.

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