New Balance

As a perennial Girl Scout, I am honor bound to speak the truth, as evidenced in the following exchange with The Boss when I arrived for work on Sunday.

The Boss:    Hi, Wiggles. How are you?

Wiggles:       Hi. Um, last night I had some medical marijuana fudge and I’m still sorta wasted.

The Boss:     Okay.

He is unflappable, I’ll say that for him.

Somehow, not only did I manage to wait on customers, assess the quality (or lack thereof) of their gold & silver, field phone inquiries, and generally behave like a working girl, but, for the very first time, I balanced the bank to the penny.

Guess I oughta show up high more often.

And she gets to sit down! I'm at a tall counter with my boobs pressed against the edge, working that calculator like a piccolo.


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