Have I Just Been Insulted?

Perhaps with a little shmear?


I was talking to Jeanne (our mother) just a little while ago about a brunch I am planning for some family members who are coming in from out of town. Now, I don’t want to say that she doesn’t have much confidence in my cooking, but when I asked her what she thought I should serve, she said, “Bagels?” with a question at the end as if she seemed to think that I couldn’t even handle that!!

The annoying thing is that I was thinking of serving bagels. Is that so wrong?


2 responses to “Have I Just Been Insulted?

    • Boy, do I remember you as a strutting, singing, happy little whippersnapper. It seems like yesterday. You were truly, truly, truly irresistible. What a sweetheart. I love you, Hot Pants,

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