Wiggles Helpful Household Tip #26

Come on, baby, light his fire - with chocolatey "high" powered yumminess.

Ladies, when defrosting medical marijuana fudge in the microwave, heat it in ten second intervals. Otherwise, like me, you’ll have an oozing brown puddle on your hands.

I served it up to the Lord & Master, a.k.a., the Birthday Boy, as a warm mousse to be eaten with a spoon. He looooved it.

Okay, mine wasn't that yummy looking and it was sloshing in a blue plastic baggie, but, sweetheart, it was oh so good.


One response to “Wiggles Helpful Household Tip #26

  1. you guys are so funny! where’s the recipe? who’s your doctor? where’s your pharmacy? do you just heat the fudge, add the bud, & stir the pot?

    trying to protect your anonymity, i’ll just say that your boston cousin whose name is not wil just told me about your collaboration. you new yorkers kill me. or is it jersey-ites? i’ve just started my own blog a few weeks ago. my fan base of 12 complain my posts are too long. i didn’t know. i never read a blog before. hell, this comment is probably too long. your posts are short and sweet and so concise! love the pics! do pay a visit if so inclined. your opinions are welcome. americancheez.net.

    your new and devoted fan

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